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Why should I have multiple links in my Instagram bio?

Why is having multiple links in an Instagram bio, or elsewhere, useful? Where is the benefit in the first place?
We’ve curated a useful list to help answer that question.
Compile multiple links into one today:

  • Makes your Instagram profile look nicer – nobody likes to read “FB: username, Twitter: username…” and so on, in your bio. In reality, very few people will open an app and search for your other profiles. Give them a quick link instead!
  • A Compiled page doesn’t just direct a customer/follower to where they were intending to go, it also advertises all of your other links (that they may also be interested to look at) along the way.
  • Never have to update your Instagram bio link again
  • Never worry about a link breaking (you can update your Compiled links on the Update page at any time).
  • Compiled also allows you to feature a recent social media post: put the link to the post in the “featured post” box on the Update page. This can really highlight what you want your followers to understand about you or your brand
  • If a user finds an old post where you refer to a link, but your bio link has changed, you’ve lost out. Why not have all of the useful links you’ve referred to in posts, in your bio? Maybe even list them chronologically!
  • If you want to link your social media on a leaflet or brochure, but you have limited space, a Compiled link is the perfect non-intrusive solution.
  • Allows you to create a directory of official links, and stops people being fooled by imposter profiles on social media. Here’s a great example!
  • And many more…!

This list isn’t comprehensive and there’s always going to be a use for our free service. If you have an example of how you’ve used Compiled, please contact us and let us know!

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